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Your Score: Liberal?

You scored 64 Equality, 92 Liberty, and 28 Stability!

You are a bit difficult to classify. You may well be a Liberal. Your greater than average commitment to liberty may make you more of a Libertarian. On the other hand your secondary commitment to equality may make you a Progressive.

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mr.Costello ütles ...

Tänud testile juhatamast. Päris huvitav. Kas parim, ei julge öelda, aga õige küll:

Your Score: Socialist?
You scored 92 Equality, 78 Liberty, and 21 Stability!

Ja sealt edasi pakututest meeldis mulle kõige rohkem Utopian Socialisti juures olev kirjeldus:

The society posited by communists excites you but the methods they endorse scare you.